Whole30 30-Day Program - Day 23

Well, well, well, not only have I made it this far, but I feel so amazing that I've committed to plunging ahead and completing a Whole60, possibly even a Whole90.

Since I began, I've had three hiccups:

  1. I ate two bananas.
  2. I ate three slices of sausage.
  3. Three meals a day is an absolute MUST.

Lessons Learned

I've worried in the past that, while I love bananas, they may not love me. They are listed as okay to eat foods in the Whole30 book, so I did. I regret having done so too!

My body treated those bananas like they were a gallon of pure sugar that got poured into my gas tank! My stomach grumbled unhappily, and my intestines were in knots! I felt shaky and anxious, and went through a serious crash and burn cycle. I could hardly stay awake.

Sausage? Same immediate, awful result.

The advantage of doing a Whole30 is your body gets clean, very clean, so things that triggers, which have been hidden beneath decades of awful food choices and layers of noxious chemicals, are unmasked, and obvious.

If I'd had any doubts that bananas, or sausage, does not like my body, they are completely gone now. No more bananas, or sausage, for me!

I used to eat only one, or two, meals a day, and had a hard time breaking 1,000 calories. Then I'd binge on total garbage for a month, or two. Then back to my stark diet.

At first, eating three actual, nutritious meals a day made me feel nauseous, but that only took about three days. My body got used to being well-nourished and liked it! I fell back into my old habit of only eating once, or twice a day for three days, and felt lethargic, apathetic, and lifeless!

Geeze, no wonder I felt like I'd lost my spark! My body was screaming for nourishment, and I was withholding it.

Message, received! 

Non-Scale Victory

I haven't been able to wear this shirt in years. It was too tight across my belly and booty, and it rolled up. Simply wouldn't stay down. Now, it fits perfectly!

Also, I used to get these angry red lines across my belly where the waistband of my underwear dug into my skin, but those are gone too. No angry red lines marring my skin when I undress at night! Woot woot!

Yay, for major non-scale victories!