30-Day Push - Day 1

Photo of Chalene Johnson copied from her Facebook page

Photo of Chalene Johnson copied from her Facebook page

Y'all know I just love, love, LOVE me some personal development books, right? The one I'm reading right now has me super energized and motivated!

"Push: 30 Days to Turbocharged Habits, a Bangin' Body, and the Life You Deserve!" by Chalene Johnson is fabulous! 

This one you read a chapter a day, with homework. 30 days to create a fantastic life? Sign me up!

Day 1 - Set Your Priorities

"The work you do today will influence every area of your life for the rest of your life." ~Chalene Johnson

In the book, Chalene says, "The first step in reaching your goals is setting ones that are a good fit."

A good fit with what? Your priorities.

If you have a goal to travel the globe as a freelance travel writer, but your number one priority is take on more responsibility at work, so you can get a promotion that'll put you in the C-Suite, you've got a conflict of interest. You goal and your priority are incompatible.

The idea is, when your top priority is clearly defined, all decisions you make, and goals you set, should be set in tune with it. If it conflicts with your top priority, it is not in your best interests, and should be let go. Period.

When was the last time you looked at your priorities? Have you ever taken the time to do so? If you have, are they still relevant?

Mine sure as heck weren't!

How to Set Your Priorities

  1. Brainstorm Your Priorities
  2. Choose Your Top 5
  3. Put Them In Order
  4. Declare Your Number-One Priority

Now that you have your Number-One priority...

  • Write down the reasons you've given it the greatest importance
  • What will you DO to honor it?
  • What would be inconsistent with your number-one top priority?
  • What will you limit, or let go of, in order to honor your number-one priority?
  • What changes do you need to make to honor your number-one priority?

These aren't obscure questions, but critical steps in a process. Write them down.

Now, take the time to create a top priority statement. Print it out, and refer to it often.

As you create your goals, ask yourself, 'Is this goal in alignment with my number-one top priority?'

In the book, Chalene walks you through the process, and let me tell you...it is soooo worth it!

My Priorities

What I discovered when I did the exercises above? My priorities were outdated. No wonder my goals were as effective as firing scattershot!

I lose focus so often, and am continually starting over again...and again...and again...because I've never really sat down, brainstormed, and created my top priority.

I set goals often, but achieve few of them, and when I did this exercise, I think I figured out why because I was stunned with what I learned about myself.

You know, when you're a mom your priorities are your children. It's been that way for so long I never questioned it. I set my priority as something like, "...to be a good mother, who is supportive and nurturing..." Yada, yada, yada...

But it bothered me because...well, because it just wasn't true anymore. My priority in life was to be a maid, therapist and a nanny to people who didn't need me to clean up after them anymore? Really? 

I shared my concerns with my husband, who agreed with me 100%...time to grow up and set new priorities for this stage of my life.

After I went to bed, I lay there staring at the ceiling feeling super duper guilty. As many women in our generation have done, I was a homemaker. I raised three beautiful children to adulthood, and loved every single minute of it. I have absolutely no regrets, but I'm over 50, and just now starting to build my own career.

My children are grown, gone from home - two of them have children of their own - so setting the priorities at this stage in my life as if my children were still young children in need of constant nurturing was just robbing my life of passion, focus and direction.


My new number-one top priority?

Building my career, my business, my platform, my brand, creating and managing wealth, and I hope to never retire. In the pursuit of my number-one priority, I promise and commit to learning anything necessary to make this happen, and to limit the laziness and time wasting activities that rob me of my passion, discipline, drive, hunger and focus!!! 

Every decision and goal I make will be checked against my top priority for congruence. If it doesn't jive, I let it go and move on! How deliciously freeing is that?!? ;-)