Giving to Give

This is pure genius by Marie Forleo!!!

I used to be a "give to receive" kind of person, and was also deeply unhappy and unfulfilled. It wasn't until I realized that I was the author of my own dissatisfaction by "GIVING" to be a martyr that things began to change for me. In fact, by martyring myself I made it impossible for anybody else to live up to what I thought I deserved in return.

Thankfully, a lot has changed since then! For my day job while I'm building my platform and writing my book, I deliver medication to hospice patients. In doing so, I found a calling to provide emotional support to the patient's caregivers. This is not something I get paid for, but it just felt natural to bolster the sagging spirits of a human being whose mate of many decades, or parent, or child, was dying.

Everyone focuses their attention on the patient, which is as it should be, but these beautiful souls need loving support too. It is as sacred to care for someone as they leave this world as it is to bring someone in. Sometimes just a hug and a sincere blessing is enough to brighten their day, and give them the energetic strength to keep going. In this situation, they are spent, and have nothing tangible to give, and yet their grateful smiles fill me with indescribable joy and profound peace. (Sorry to wax poetic, but this is something I care deeply about.)

Since learning to give with absolutely no expectation of what I'll get in return, my relationships have grown into rich, deeply intimate sources of satisfaction and fulfillment. The relationships that were unhealthy transactions have fallen away. It is deeply empowering to KNOW I make a difference in peoples lives, and my life is infused with love and gratitude and compassion because I give it away freely.

Thanks for posting, Marie Forleo, and for helping to change the global conversation from giving to receive to giving to give!!! Well done, Team Forleo peeps!!! :-)