Yay, I'm finally blogging!!!

This is really the ideal first blog post to kick-off my blogging career...

Something kinda incredible happened to me last night that I'd love to share with you, beautiful peeps! Just before my surgery, my glorious, generous, and all around wonderful mate Scott gifted me with the online Writer's Workshop put on by Hay House.

I've been an excited participant, and am learning much about writing and publishing and building platforms and what it takes to get a publishing deal these days. It is a phenomenal workshop!!!

Last night they had a live Q&A session with Reid Tracy, the head of Hay House Publishing, which I participated in. My intention was just to listen, but when Spirit nudged me to call in to ask a question about building my platform, I picked up my phone and called.

I could hear Reid talking with someone, so I just listened. Much to my surprise, I heard a strange beep and a woman said,

"Hi, who am I speaking to?"

*Gulp!* Was this a REAL person talking to ME??? I never actually thought I'd get through!!!


"Where are you from, Cindy?"

I guess she WAS talking to me...

"Baton Rouge, Louisiana"

"What's your question for Reid."

"I'd like to discuss building an online platform, and what it takes for a publisher to consider you a good catch."

"Perfect. Please hold."

Wait, does that mean he's gonna take my call????

Another odd beep, and I was back to listening to Reid Tracy in conversation with another caller.

He went through a couple of more questions with other participants, and then he said, "Let's go to Cindy from Baton Rouge, Louisiana!"

Holy shit, that's MEEEEE!!!!!

Another odd beep and I was talking LIVE with Reid Tracy, publisher extraordinaire with Hay House Publishing!!!!!


We had a lovely conversation about building my platform. When he got to the consistency aspect, I shared with him, "Yes, I've learned that lesson with my podcast. Trust is key, and no matter what, we have to publish when we say we're going to publish!"

Mentioning our podcast was an afterthought, really!!! In the excitement, it almost slipped my mind.

He said something to the effect of, "So you've got a following on Facebook, a blog, AND a podcast??? That's really the perfect trifecta for building an effective platform!!! Why don't you share the name of your podcast so we can all go find you???"

I almost got tongue-tied, but managed to squeak out, "Go Deeper Podcast."

The significance of this? I had just broadcast our podcast to potentially thousands, if not tens of thousands, of Hay House employees, affiliates, and their followers!!! With my heart pounding in my throat. we wrapped up our conversation, and said our cheerful salutations.

Honestly, I have no idea what will come of that conversation, if anything, but it is one of those delightful coincidences and serendipities that let me know Spirit is guiding my life right now, beautiful peeps, and I am on the right path!!!


Sometimes they just don't make a smiley big enough to cover the occasion, do they?!?!?!?!