Being the BEST version of yourself at any age is more than having a strong, healthy body, or a quick, intelligent mind, or a profound connection with your Creator. It's a congruence of all three.

A happy, healthy, fulfilled human being must give equal attention to their body, mind & spirit.

Weather you're happy with one area of your life, chances are, there is something else that needs work in another area. As you age, I'd be willing to bet that most of you may have given up on one, or more, of these vital areas of life. Or, worse, settled for partial mastery like, finances, or weight, or relationships. Your relationships rock, but your finances suck. Or your finances are solid and growing, but your body has paid the price.

Sound familiar? Yeah, me too!  

I'm Cindy Bischoff. I'm not a credentialed "expert", but fellow seeker, who loves to share my experience of life, and point other's to sources I've found to be extremely helpful and valuable. 

However, I haven't lived to the golden age of 52 without learning a few lessons along the way. I have done the deep inner work required to move from deeply traumatized child to happy woman, and am still evolving; I've created a relationship with my Creator that deeply fulfilling and satisfying; but my body...not so much!

Just like you, I am a work in progress, and my body is my current obsession. Not for vanity, or to be smoking hot and sexy, but for my health, agility, and sanity. I couldn't get down in the floor and play with my grandsons...well, that's not entirely true...I could get down on the floor, it was getting up off of it that was the problem. I lost my spark - my appetite for life - and could feel myself starting to slide into old age, and decided to do something about.

My mission is to love, support and empower you, no matter which area of life you're working on, by giving you a wealth of information curated to nurture balance in your life as you... 

explore. embody. evolve.

Which area are you interested in exploring?