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This is my "About" page, which is not so much about who I am, but more about how I can serve you.

Chase happiness and it becomes an elusive thing; but embrace life fully and you exude happiness without effort.

Indeed, the more you seek happiness outside of yourself, the more it taunts you by perpetually whispering, enticing, and teasing just beyond the end of your fingertips. Never quite grasped.

But seek to learn new things, love unconditionally, allow pain to run its course, embrace life fully, live deeply, and happiness sidles up next to you like a hungry lover, coils itself around you, invades your being, and permeates the very marrow of your bones.

Fair warning: my ideas aren’t conventional. In our current culture, there is enormous pressure to stamp out perceived “negativity” and ONLY be positive and uplifting and inspiring. Personally, I find forced positivity as exhausting as perpetual melodrama, so you’ll find my writing is not ALWAYS Pollyannaesque. Evocative and inspiring, yes. Fake, no.

In every section of my website you’ll find content meant to stir your soul, and help you look deeply within yourself to find the answers you’re looking for.

To that end…


With my blog I’ll explore ideas and information to help you embrace life and discover your bliss.

My blog is about finding Bliss and Joy that are REAL, not contrived.

  • It’s about experiencing life fully, richly, and deeply with integrity and compassion for yourself and others.
  • It’s about accepting your light, facing your fear, and finding the gifts hidden in the light and in the darkness too.
  • It’s about experiencing the whole range of emotions which make life such a magnificent ride, and expressing them healthfully.

It's about embracing yourself, as you are, not as you tell yourself you'd like to be.

The Dorksie Twins: Cindy Bischoff and Kim Forman

The Dorksie Twins: Cindy Bischoff and Kim Forman


I am also a public speaker, so in the Events section you’ll find my speaker’s profile as well as my engagement calendar.


In the Products section I’ll link to my books, short stories, and guided meditations for purchase.


My best friend and business partner, Kim Forman ( and I created the Go Deeper Podcast ( where we slide beneath the surface of ideas, information, and events to explore what they bring to the human experience at the elemental level.  

I’m creating a personal podcast, which is about 6 months out, so I’ll use this section to link to that as well.


In the Reviews section I review books which have changed my life and helped me evolve. For each book/product I’ll provide links to Amazon so you can purchase if they stir you too**.


In short, my blog and podcast are all about looking within yourself to find the answers you seek to help you embrace life and discover your bliss!!

Welcome aboard…



Why Sunflowers?

You'll see sunflowers everywhere on my website and social media. Why sunflowers? They're my talisman. Because every morning they're in bloom sunflowers face east, as if eagerly waiting for the rising sun to shine on them. So bright and cheery, sunflowers remind me that no matter how dark it gets, and it can get pretty dark at times, to look for the light because it's on its way!!! :-)

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Who is this wild woman who encourages you to embrace life and discover your bliss?